Whether you’re decorating your home for investment purposes or fulfilling your family’s demands, the home decor makes your home look beautiful and appealing. But it can also help you attract buyers but also boost your home’s value. However, it depends on the decor style you choose.

Therefore, before you start painting walls or hanging wall art, you need to think carefully about your decor choices. To help you make a more informed decor decision for your home, look at these four tips.

Here Are Four Home Decor Tips for a Higher Valuation

You can choose to hire a home decor professional to help you put together a good look for your home or do it yourself if you have the knowledge and time to do so. Either way, you should keep the tips below in mind. 

Don’t Go Flashy; Think Neutral

Home design and decor are personalizing a space to match the owners or dwellers within the home. However, that doesn’t mean that you disregard a home buyer’s perspective on the decor. You need to see your home as a product that you will sell in the future. 

If you plan to sell the home at some point, avoid going too faddish with your decor. This can put off a large section of buyers who would have bought the home otherwise. Opt for a more classic look and quality products, materials and finishes, that suit most buyers. 

Consider Your Property’s Target Market

Home decor needs to match the location of your home and the potential buyers. Keep your financial investment in line with the expected return by decorating according to your target market. Look at your surrounding, and decorate according to the kind of buyer the house might appeal to. 

Predict what the buyers in the area might be looking for and make these features stand out. The best way to go about it would be to consult a real estate agent before you start. They can advise you on the popular decor feature to focus on to improve your home’s value. 

Upgrade Your Kitchen and Bathroom

These two areas often have the most significant impact on the value of your home. You don’t need to overhaul the spaces completely. Even simple renovations such as changing the tiles, faucets, and showerheads can impact buyer’s perception of the space. However, you’re not limited to the small changes.¹

For example, you can re-design the bathroom with a practical, luxurious, yet neutral look that can appeal to a larger market. 

Home Decor Is Specific, So Check the Small Details

While focussing on the larger home design and decor is essential. Don’t neglect the small details. Take care of lighting with stylish lights and plug sockets, change the door handles, change the blinds and the railings, etc. These may seem like trivial details, but they give a clean finish to your decor efforts and help enhance the home’s value.²

Make Use of These Value-Adding Home Decor Tips

With these home decor tips, your home can end up with a higher valuation. Always consider your target market before you start any home decor project. What you do with your home should not only make it appealing but should be practical and able to give a good return on investment.


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