When you purchase your first home and finally have a yard, and make it your own. The feeling can be quite exciting. But if you don’t know anything about landscaping, it can confuse where to begin and what to do with space. You don’t need to rush. Take your time to discover how best to utilize your space.¹

Read this beginner’s guide to get a few landscaping tips on getting started and make your yard the best in the neighborhood.

Landscaping Tips for First-time Home Owners

Even as you start your landscaping project, remember that even though the general appeal of your yard is essential, functionality matters as much. 

Learn the Neighborhood Rules

Most communities have rules that every homeowner needs to keep up with. Before you start digging the ground as you found it, check if there are some ground rules. It’s common to have neighborhood guidelines on such things as the number of trees you can plant, grass height, fencing, etc. 

Create a Plan and a Budget

The purpose of your yard will determine your landscaping budget. Do you want to use the area as a garden for veggies and herbs or a flower garden? Are you more interested in a space to entertain family and friends? Create a list for all the intended uses.  

Next, you can now create a budget.  Consider what’s already there, what you want to get rid of, or add. The previous owner may have planted most of the things you need or don’t need. The extent of your landscaping project will determine your budget. Figuring out what you need to start with can help you create an appropriate budget for the project.

Keep it Simple

You don’t need to begin with a complex project; simplicity stands out. You should start small and grow gradually. The best way is to create a framework that you can fill in slowly. Trust your intuition in the yard design process. For instance, the path you’ve made across the yard ignoring the normal walkway could be giving you an idea of how you need to set up the framework for better functionality. 

Keep Maintenance in Mind

It would be quite sad if you spend money to create a beautiful yard but then lose it because you couldn’t maintain it. Flowers, veggies, herbs need weeding, and lawns need mowing. Trees and shrubs need pruning as well. Have a maintenance schedule to help you keep up with the needs and home expenses of owning a home and a yard.²

First-Time Homeowner Landscaping Tips 

The same way you put effort and time to ensure your home is well maintained, give the same attention to your landscaping. The steps above are just the basics to get you started. An expert landscaper should be able to help you come up with the landscaping and maintenance plan. 


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