Notably, the kitchen is one of the most critical interior aspects of a home that buyers consider when buying a home. A well-designed kitchen can elevate the functionality and appearance of a home. If it’s not appealing, it can make a home look inefficient and dated. 

For that reason, updating a kitchen can make a home attract a higher valuation. Most realtors believe that a good kitchen sells a house. But you should be careful not to overspend if you want to make a good return on your investment.¹

Four Kitchen Renovation Tips for Attracting a Higher Value

Choosing home renovation areas is essential so that you can add value while staying within a budget. These four kitchen renovations can increase your home’s value without the need for serious renovations. 

Refresh the Cabinets

Most cabinets are made to last and if they’re still in good condition but look a bit dated, give them a facelift. Rather than getting rid of the cabinets altogether, consider refinishing or painting them to spruce them up. However, if refurbishing them will cost more than installing new affordable ones, consider the new ones. The point is to create a clean look for your cabinets.

Update Your Countertops

Kitchen countertops are another prominent feature in the kitchen, just like the cabinets, and can make the kitchen space stand out if well done. Inputting your money down to update them, the house can look more modern and appealing. 

Get materials that are affordable but still provide a modern and clean look. Modern manufacturing techniques have made materials such as Formica and laminate look and feel better than they used to. However, the most preferred and high-value attracting countertop material is granite.²

Update the Appliances

A house inspector is likely to value your home higher if the kitchen has updated appliances. Besides, the buyers will also look at it as reduced costs of renovation on their side. It’s easier for them to envision making other updates when the appliances are all in place and functional. 

While this part of the kitchen remodeling might cost you a little more, it’s one of the quickest upgrades you can make that adds value. If you time your purchase right, you can purchase the appliances when they go on sale.

Update the Light Fixtures

Lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of a space. Clean, modern lighting can draw attention to the entire room and create a good impression of the whole house. If you don’t know where to start with this, consider consulting your electrician to guide you. A realtor might also be able to advise you on the most preferred kind that adds value and is within your budget.

Does Kitchen Renovation Matter?

The straight answer is yes. A kitchen renovation, when done strategically, can get you a higher valuation. Remember to look at other areas in the kitchen that may need to be spiced up, such as the floors, faucets, and the sink. It’s essential to stay within your renovation budget. 


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